2013: The Year Of The Cycling Fraud Solicitors

2013: The Year Of The Cycling Fraud Solicitors

The controversies surrounding cycling in 2013 have been endless, perhaps one of the most prominent being the Nice Way Code. I’m sure we all remember how that went.

One of the main reasons that the Nice Way Code sparked such anger within the cycling is because so many have been involved in incidents with cars. With 2013 also being the year of hitting cyclists and bragging about it on Twitter, it does beg the question – who’s there when the unthinkable happens?

Well, the unthinkable might not be what you actually think it is. As with crash for cash scams involving two or more cars, the same has started to happen with cyclists. Because cyclists are not insured in the same way as cars, some unpleasant people have found a loophole to get huge payouts from being hit by cyclists.

But here’s the kicker: when was the last time you heard about a cyclist hitting a car? Exactly. This isn’t just a very complex fraud, it’s also a dangerous one involving cars braking hard or swerving to get a cyclist to hit them.

Let’s get back to the point. When a car deliberately makes you crash into them, who is at fault and who’s there to prove it? If you are lucky enough to be wearing a helmet cam, often you can take the evidence directly to your local police station and have them investigate the fraud. However, helmet cam usage is still fairly minimal throughout the UK so often the burden of proof is with you.

This is where quality fraud solicitors come in, and we’re talking the cream of the crop. Instructing top fraud solicitors is often worth it to turn the burden of proof around, and get you the money you need to replace those Mavic wheels you saved for so long to get.

So with 2014 looking to continue this dangerous and potentially lethal trend, who will you call on when it all goes wrong? Personally I advise you to plan plan plan!

So guys, do you have a plan in place if this should happen? Or has it even happened to you? Let me know below or over on @InSalita.

Written by Craig

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