5 Ways To Brave The Elements This Autumn And Winter

5 Ways To Brave The Elements This Autumn And Winter

It should be easy to get out of bed in the morning and go for a ride, run or walk. But as someone who likes to get up at 08:00 into a 19c house, I know it isn’t that simple all too well; so here are my tips and mind tricks to making braving the winter weather that little bit easier.

  1. Have a set of motivating alarms. And remember, sometimes motivating actually means calling yourself terrible names and reassuring yourself that you are indeed a big brave dog.
  2. Get your clothes out the night before. And put it on the radiator. It is so much easier to escape a warm bed when you have warm clothes waiting, and by having everything ready you might just be able to get out before you are awake enough to remember how wet it is outside.
  3. If you aren’t training, someone else will be. And they will be better than you. The uncomfortable truth is that marginal gains apply even when it’s 3c and bucketing it down
  4. Use the appropriate kit. That means shoe covers, rain coats and even *gasp* mud guards. It’s not glamorous, but the difference between riding with mud guards and not will buy you over. Promise.
  5. Watch a Rapha Continental the night before. Somehow, this has changed going out in adverse weather conditions from unglamorous to something quite the opposite. You learn to embrace it instead of fear it – which is what will make the biggest difference.

So how do you do it? Does it come naturally to you or do you have your own tips and tricks? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by Craig

Writer, occasional marketer, photographer. Lover of weather beginning with S, cheese, tea & cool stuff.

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