For The Love Of Cycling

For The Love Of Cycling

Over the past few weeks, months and beyond, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding cycling. From Scotland’s Nice Way Code, to not enough public money being allocated to cycling. It isn’t okay. It is far from it, but we must not forget the reason that we feel so passionately about these issues.

We do it for our love of cycling.

It can be painful, and can involve pushing our bodies to the very limits of what they can handle; but it can also be a Sunday morning cruse through the country with rabbits scurrying through the dew-christened hedgerows.

It doesn’t mater who you are, how high your lactic threshold is, or even what bike you ride – there is almost always a mutual respect. A passing nod, wave; acknowledgement. Cycling breaks down boundaries in such a fashion that it is easy to forget that they ever even existed.

From the people partaking for the pleasure and fitness, to the people who make their livings from it, we all share a mutual love. Cycling. Cycling is beautiful, cycling is wonderful, and perhaps most importantly – cycling is what you want it to be. Remember this as we lead cycling out to be perhaps the biggest transport revolution in a generation.

Thank you and goodnight – much love.

Written by Craig

Writer, occasional marketer, photographer. Lover of weather beginning with S, cheese, tea & cool stuff.

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