Kansi: Ride It Forward

Kansi: Ride It Forward

The UK-based folding bike manufacturer kansi currently have an awesome scheme running. It is called Ride It Forward, and if you live in London it is something worth paying attention to. Ride It Forward is a charming idea – a sort of chain letter with wheels that helps those who might not be too sure about making the leap to getting a bike.

The execution is as charming as the idea, as you can familiarise yourself with in the video below. Turn your sound up, because you’ll be jigging to the music:

As the kansi gets passed along, it will be serviced by bike dealers to ensure it stays fit for riding. The bike dealer where it gets serviced is also where the next person in the chain will pick the bike up from, then they will keep it for a maximum of two weeks before choosing the next nominee. And the chain continues.

Ayesha, the first person to get the bike provided a glimpse into why she decided to participate in her blog post saying, “I had my bike stolen from outside my house two years ago. Due to a decision to go travelling and then a dramatic change in career and lifestyle, I was never in a position to purchase another bike.” You can have a gander at the rest of the post over here.

The bike getting passed along is the kansi 3twenty. In 10 seconds, complete with its 3 speed SRAM hub and Avid brakes, it folds down to 40x70x84cm. Quick, nifty and easy to lifty.

Unlike chain letters about the boogie man, Ride It Forward has a set end date; the end of September 2013. So do you have a friend or family member that you want to get on a bike? Maybe you even want to nominate yourself! You can do so on the nomination form here.

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