The New Cyclist’s Guide To Not Looking Or Riding Like A New Cyclist

The New Cyclist’s Guide To Not Looking Or Riding Like A New Cyclist

“ON YER RIGHT” you hear, whilst cruising down the cycling lane. What do you do!? The answer, along with others lie within…

The first time that I heard someone shout this from behind me, I was terrified. “What about my right!?” I thought as I tried to look back, swerving a bit as I did. No incident occurred and it taught me a lesson, but damn do I wish that I knew what it meant before looking like a complete and utter twat. So, without further ado.

  1. Shout “On Your (side you are passing)” When Passing A Fellow Cyclist. And remember what it means when you hear it. This will keep everyone happy and help to avoid any potential accidents.
  2. Learn how to ride safely. There are many resources out there, Bicycle Safe is my favourite but needs some reversing if you are here in the UK.
  3. The Rules Are For Fun, Not Necessarily Following. And as with everything, if you follow them religiously, don’t preach. My personal favourites are #5#9 and #10.
  4. Join A Club. This is the best way I know to make cycling even more fun. The social aspect is great, and if you stop cycling you’ll have 20+ people motivating you to get back out there.
  5. Buy A Well Fitting Jersey And Bibs. This is the best way I know to increase the enjoyability of cycling, and the extra aero can’t be bad, right?
  6. And a guest tip from Jacquelyn:

  7. Don’t let your super-fit friend pick the route Especially if it’s the first time you’ve been out in a while! Let’s just say there were a lot of steep hills involved and I was on a pretty heavy Pashley Princess…

Would you add anything to this? Change anything? Agree to anything? Let me know in the comment section below!


Written by Craig Lackie

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