The ‘Nice Way Code’ Safety Campaign Goes Live

The ‘Nice Way Code’ Safety Campaign Goes Live

Almost a year ago, the BBC made a program entitled “War On Britain’s Roads”. Many people who were approached about the idea welcomed it with open arms, as if it was finally something that evenly shows what is really happening on the roads with no bias. Wrong.

It turned out to be, essentially, a 60 minutes of cyclist-shaming that mostly showed the most extreme cases of cyclists being at fault. The cycling community was angry, and were right to be.

This morning, a tweet by @tomstaniford, a brilliant para-cyclist caught my attention. I have included it below:

After doing some digging, it appears that it is referring to @Velocentric’s tweet which I’ve also included below:

Woah, hold up. This is almost a repeat of the War On Britain’s Roads calamity – as if it is carefully orchestrated to undo any positive cycling PR from Ride London. Yet again we are seeing a campaign that is showing cyclists at fault for accidents. I am not denying that some cyclists run red lights – some do, but the majority don’t. The numbers I found put it around the 5-10% mark, and usually on pedestrian crossings where there is often just a couple of people crossing. The advert doesn’t even make sense, let alone help anyone stay more safe

There is no question as to who is going to win between a 10kg bike vs a 1 ton car. I have found no cases of a cyclist killing a car driver, yet many many cases of drivers killing cyclists – almost always with the driver of the car or lorry at fault. Surely it would make sense to target the bigger, more obvious threat?

Nice Way Code have tried to do just this with another advert. Apparently the way to teach drivers how to treat cyclists is to show patronising scenes of cyclists being treated like a horse before 10 seconds briefly detailing the most basic rules that should be common sense.

It is worth noting that it doesn’t seem like the whole campaign has been launched yet, or at least I hope not. @NiceWayCode are getting a lot of backlash on Twitter but have remained silent so far, and I will update this article with any comment that they make regarding the matter.

What are your thoughts about the campaign? Is it a step too far or harmless fun? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be sitting back watching my new Orient timing their response.

Written by Craig

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  • Cab

    Still struggling to work out exactly what I think of these videos.

    I don’t want to be compared with a horse. I’m not a horse rider, my bike isn’t a horse, I neither behave like one nor should I be treated like one. I want to be treated like a bike rider, why is that so hard?

    But the red light video… Wow. The cyclist kid is wearing a bike hat and lycra? The woman is running a red light on a perfectly empty street with no one there and that somehow gets the rest of us a bad reputation because all the people who aren’t there will say that represents all of us? There is so much wrong with this, where do I start?

    Bottom line? This reinforces rather than challenges negative stereotpyes. That makes Nicewaycode the enemy of rational and fair discourse. It makes them facilitators of anti0-cyclist hate. And thats totally wrong.

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