The Tour of Britain 2013: The Numbers

The Tour of Britain 2013: The Numbers

The start of the 10th anniversary Tour of Britain is just hours away. The teams have traveled from across the world and will now be at one of the 4 hotels. The commissaries and race official meetings have taken place and the teams will be registering (15:30-16:30), several more meetings up to 19:00 this evening will take place before all but the nerves calm down.

  • 4 jerseys (overall, points, KOM, sprints)
  • 8 stages
  • 10th Tour of Britain
  • 19 teams
  • 37 motor vehicles in convoy
  • 114 riders
  • 1,159.5kms (649.6m) total distance
  • ~10,000 total water bottles will be used
  • €93,198 (£78,107) total prize money
  • 0 partridges in pear trees, that we know if at least

Have a good one , and remember to  for some insights into what’s going on behind the scenes.
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