Aston Martin Racing + Hackett London Tipped Sweatshirt Review

Aston Martin Racing + Hackett London Tipped Sweatshirt Review

Apart from their £25,000 One-77 bicycle, Aston Martin aren’t known for cycling. Hackett London aren’t either, but if you spell it hack-it then it accurately describes my approach when ‘fixing’ bikes.

This Tipped Sweatshirt, a collaboration between Aston Martin Racing and Hackett London isn’t a specific cycling item, and nothing in their lovely Aston Martin Racing range is is. But it turns out that many of the features that make particular clothing good for driving, like ability to move your arms around freely, also apply to casual cycling gear. This is being reviewed as something to wear casually, on and off the saddle.
Hackett and Aston Martan


Let’s start with how lovely it looks. The orange tips of the collar and cuffs contrast superbly with the main colour; deep black. The Hackett London and Aston Martin logos embroidered in dark grey to the chest provide timeless reassurance that you are wearing something that is, really, quite awesome.


I went for small after consulting with the sizing charts, the body fitted perfectly but was a little looser than I’d have liked on my puny cyclist arms. Otherwise, the elastication on the cuffs, collar and bottom of the body provide a comfortable fit that keeps the cold winter air out – even in mildly strong winds. It is the perfect fit for riding around on more upright bikes, but not particularly so for bikes with more aggressive geometries.


The detailing is impressive. Each zip contains the Hackett ‘H’ and come wrapped in tape to protect them during shipping. The embroidery is some of the best I’ve ever seen, looking neat even from the rear side – it all just has a very polished feel to it.
It is a thick sweatshirt. Combined with the 100% cotton composition, it is the type of item that you expect to wear forever – then even for your children to after that. It is luxuriously soft inside and out, no irritation from threads is to be had – no seams sewn with anything that could be called shoddy craftsmanship. I haven’t yet been cold whilst wearing it, and expect it to be a good few months before there’s a chance of that.


As with most great things, it does come at a price. Not a cheap one either – £170 is its price. Too expensive? Maybe. Something that will serve you for a very long time? Almost certainly. The whole range is worth having a look at as linked above, and this item can be found here.
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