Rapha City Riding & Pro Team Sock Review

Rapha City Riding & Pro Team Sock Review

Your feet are the main contact point between you and your bike. It is where the power transfers from your legs to your drive chain. Uncomfortable feet can put anyone out of action.

But yet, the only barrier between our feet and our shoes is our socks. They have the job of preventing chafing, keeping our feet temperature regulated and to keep any sweat wicked away. Rapha recently sent me two pairs of their socks to review, their Short City Riding Socks and their Short Pro Team Socks. Here are my thoughts.

Rapha Summer City Riding Socks


Who They Are For

The discerning city cyclist. Someone who wants style paired with technical excellence and function – a trio that only a select few companies can truly offer, and Rapha is one of them.

Materials, Construction & Performance

My soft spot for merino wool isn’t a secret, it’s even glaringly obvious in my Rapha Merino Wool Boxers review, so when I found out that these socks are 35% merino wool I swooned. Until the ol’ brain kicked in: Only 35%? What’s the rest!?

The remaining 65% is Polypropylene, Nylon and Lycra. I thought that this might make them itchy, sweaty and uncomfortable like I’ve experienced with oh so many socks in the past. The reality is almost the opposite, much to my pleasure; there is no itchiness and minimal sweatiness. Although, if it still isn’t for you, Rapha do have a completely merino wool sock available.

As they should be, these city riding socks are constructed with a hard time of blasting through rush-hour traffic in mind. Their hand lock stitches prevent uncomfortable chafing which, even with the minimal movement between your foot and shoe, can be an issue. Combined with their reinforced heel and what you get is a sock that caters perfectly for the needs of a city rider. Bravo.


Of course I went for the pink, grey and black ones; these are Rapha’s trademark colours that I love. They are so understated but distinctive, and match up well with almost any colour bike.

Rapha Pro Team Socks


Who They Are For

The Pro Team socks are actually tested by pro riders and made for racing. These are serious socks designed specifically for serious cyclists.

Materials, Construction & Performance

These socks are constructed using three unique and proprietary yarns, Sensura® polyester, Lenofil® PVDF and Tactel® nylon – again something that I was wary of because of my experiences with other synthetic socks, but was keen to try after the success of the city riding socks. And as with the city riding socks, they surprised me.

Designed with long, strenuous races in mind, the pro team socks are made to both stay in tip-top condition and be ultra-breathable at the same time. A tall order seeing as the most hard wearing materials tend to be the thickest and vice versa.

This is where the three yarns come in, one is for ultra durability, used on the heel and toes, the other is to keep them looking fresh, used on the cuff, and the third is for breathability. The attention to detail on this is astounding with the different materials working together. You know what they say – teamwork makes the dream work.
In practice, what looks like technical brilliance on paper works better than I could have hoped. It’s hard to explain just how breathable they are, because they feel better than having bare feet. Something that in the recent weather has been extremely welcome.


Whereas the city socks were “understated” these are… Let’s just say better for visibility. Mine are a colour that I’ve been calling “Nuclear Pink” because of just how bright it is – which, when spinning at 90rpm certainly catches drivers’ attention.

Final Thoughts

Well, who knew that I was a sock connoisseur? Overall, the Rapha Pro Team Socks have captured my heart the most. There is something about the colour, combined with their insane performance that speaks to me – and my feet. Both pairs are priced at £15 and available on their site here.

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