Rapha Merino Wool Boxers Review

Rapha Merino Wool Boxers Review

Just the words ‘merino wool’ is enough to make you want them, but coupled with ‘boxers’ and the legendary cycling brand Rapha – it makes them a must-have and desirable item.

In the world of cycling, it is no secret that Rapha make some of the best and most desirable cycling clothing in the world. And this isn’t just hype, it really is true – I own a few Rapha products and the level of evident care and attention put into their creation and design is awesome.
The distinctive merino wool boxers I’m reviewing today are grey with the lime, black and white waistband.

Who Are They For?

These boxers are much more of a city riding, casual item. They are not padded (although a padded version is available) which makes them great for if you aren’t just riding – you might also be having a meal or even just commuting to work.

Materials & Construction

Obviously merino wool plays a big part in these boxers, but merino wool isn’t particularly stretchy. So added into the mix is polyester to give it the stretch you need when your legs are constantly moving.
Colour correct representation of the boxers

Colour correct representation of the boxers

Merino wool has many natural properties that make it a surprisingly perfect choice for technical base layers – almost as if the merino sheep were made for that very purpose. The most obvious of all is how damn soft it is, I actually prefer it to cashmere – but it also has antibacterial properties, wicks moisture away, regulates body temperature and even retains its warmth when wet. And if you are one of those people, it is also has a great warmth-to-weight ratio.
No one likes chafing, but it’s unusual for clothes to be designed with stitches specifically designed to prevent this. But, Rapha surprises once again with flat lock stitching, keeping the seams lying comfortably against you.


The striking lime, black and white waistband is simple; but at the same time it is recognisable and certainly not garish. The lime green of the waistband contrasts attractively against the light grey merino wool – and these Rapha boxers just look lovely.

On The Road

Unlike some boxers, these are tailored to your body shape. You can actually feel if you have them on the wrong way, because they are shaped to have your front privates on one side and back on the other. The riding up of the shorts is minimal when moving your legs a lot, like when you are climbing stairs or cycling.
Of course – as with every Rapha product – they really look superb. Whether you are the respectable gentleman who just has the waistband showing or the local gangster who has their trousers halfway down their legs, you are guaranteed to look way cool.
Available for the slightly pricey tag of £35, you can take a look and treat yourself over on Rapha’s website.


On a slightly unrelated note, is shaving your legs worth it for that precious extra aero? Let me know…

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