Continental Gatorskin 700C Duraskin Wired Road Tyre Review

Continental Gatorskin 700C Duraskin Wired Road Tyre Review

I had just put my ride – the 2012 Genesis Equilibrium 20 – to the side of the road to take a hipstery photo with the vast and daunting landscape in the background when I saw it. My front tyre was flat; the second time in as many days. Obviously devastated from losing my chance to show my freshly cleaned bike off, I ordered some of these Continental Gatorskins hoping for them to be better: and that they are.

As a generalisation, there is usually a very noticeable tradeoff with tyres: they will either be fast and not last long, last long and be slow, or do nothing well – and this is without mentioning the price of top-of-the-range tyres.

But the Continental Gatorskins blow this generalisation out of the window. They are fast, with my average speed increasing by 5-10% on straights due to their speed and 10-15% on corners because of just how confidence-inspiring they are because of how grippy and secure they feel on the road.

It was also very simple to fit these wired tyres onto my wheels, making a pleasant change from my previous nightmares with tight fitting tyres. This is also useful should I ever get a puncture – no one wants to be doing roadside repairs let alone wrestling with tyre leavers.

These tyres are also long lasting being made of German-made rubber with Duraskin cut-resistant layer from bead to bead. Since changing from the stock – and shabby if you ask me – tyres on my Genesis, I’ve not had a puncture yet. Not only this, but I’ve also not experienced any noticeable wear such as abrasions – incredible from such a fast tyre.

For such high quality tyres, the Continental Gatorskins cost next to nothing at only £23 from Evans, so they really have completely blown apart the usual tradeoff of price, speed and wear.


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